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Outsourcing Prospective + Outsourcing Cooperation + Outsourcing Service
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The Enterprises should have the prospective, cooperation, service and achievements in this tight competition business market.
The outsourcing mode will promote the whole world enterprises to release their cooperation chance, service effectiveness and business achievement.

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Great-idea Plug-in Service Mode for the Clients
Great-idea Plug-in Innovative Service
We would make the contribution with the professional promotion service mode for the China service outsourcing providers to promote the brand, for multinational companies in China and foreign-invested enterprises to seek localized and professional outsourcing services, for the new business resources integration to be effectively implemented under the background of global industries shift

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* Sino-US international project outsourcing business development Annual Meeting  (Beijing –in 2003 and 2004, hosted by CCPIT, Ministry of Science and Technology torch Center)
* China multinational companies services outsourcing Forum  (Xiamen –in 2004, organized by Ministry of Commerce)
* China International Software and Information Services Outsourcing Annual Meeting  (Dalian –in 2005,2006,2007, organized by Ministry of Commerce)
* China International Software and Information Outsourcing Business Summit (Nanjing –in 2007, organized by Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Science and Technology)
* Shanghai Pudong service outsourcing International Forum (Shanghai –in 2008, organized by Ministry of Commerce, etc.)
* In the Central China Expo - China's Service Outsourcing Development and Cooperation International Forum (Wuhan –in 2008, hosted by Ministry of Commerce, the six provincial government in Central China)

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