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Delegation Trip to China
Invest less than one week of your time and gain a year’s worth of insight in developing your China strategy.
Each time we will visit 3-4 cities among 21 Service Outsourcing Model Cities that Chinese Government has set up. Through this special customized delegation trip, you will not only meet local government officials to learn about local investment incentives, meet top leader from local enterprises, visit high-tech incubators, but also build up strong connections and ties within delegates.

Accelerate pace for western firms to start doing business in China by months and years.
Chinese culture is very unique and it’s different than Western culture. Through this trip, you will have opportunities to learn Chinese culture, Chinese market, and many aspects of working with Chinese enterprises. You can also learn how relationship (Guan Xi) has played a special role doing business in China.

Sightseeing Beautiful China
You will have opportunities to see the most beautiful view in China. Our delegates have been to places such as: West Lake in Hangzhou, Wuzhen – the last resting-on-water town in China, ZhouZhuang in KunShan, Tai Lake in Wuxin, Yangtze River, Dujiangyan in Sichuan, The Great Wall in Beijing..… Each time, our delegation trip will choose one or two most beautiful places to visit.

Special Free–Charge Trips, For Qualified Companies ONLY
Join the trip and enjoy world-class services whenever you go. We will cover the cost for whole trip in China, including domestic flight, hotels, transportations and accommodations. This special offer for qualifies companies ONLY.  The expenses in China will be $3,500 total each person. Please apply as soon as possible

Global Source, China Service
Our intimate familiarity with the Chinese market and our sales and professional contact network is a valuable resource for our international clients with business interests in China.

We have maintained direct relationships in over 30 countries with industry associations and international business owners focus on the sourced service arena. We work closely with Chinese central government and Municipal government officials in Service Outsourcing policies, full service support, tax relief, bank loans, free / low cost commercial rental, talent resource and access to one-on-one meeting specific to company’s requirements. 

We provide service for foreign enterprises to understand the different business aspects    
Such as trading and foreign investment law, import/export control and taxation in China.

Business Matching & Win-Win
Our long term relationship and neutral stance in the marketplace have earned trust of buyers and sellers of source service alike. Leveraging these trusted relationships, we have been able to produce some truly unique opportunities where service providers, government officials and enterprise practitioners can have free exchange of ideas in an environment designed to promote understanding and cooperation.
      * Business matching
      * Face to face discussion
      * One on One meeting
      * Technology park visiting
      * Matched potential business partner’s company visiting
The Chinese economy has grown by double digits for the past 20 years.
It all adds up to countless business opportunities in China for foreign companies willing to be creative and innovative. It also points to an important role for state government to play, once it stops looking at China through a rearview mirror and recognizes the reality of the situation and the enormity of the opportunities.

Through our delegation trips, international summit and deep understanding of both Chinese and Western culture, we provide the face-to-face interaction that Chinese culture requires in order to engender and build trust and long-term cooperation. 
      * China Service Outsourcing Development & Cooperation International Forum ( CODC )
      * China Outsourcing Development Summit
      * International Green IP Service Cooperation Forum 
      * International Outsourcing Business Development Summit ( IOBD )
      * China International Software & Information Service Outsourcing Summit (CSIO)
      * HR Outsourcing
      * International Service Outsourcing Business Match
      * China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT)
      * China International Finance Forum-Finance Service Outsourcing Summit
      * China BFSI Outsourcing Summit
      * Beijing ( Shanghai ) Finance Back Office Salon
      * China International Machinery & Electronic Products Exposition (CWME) and International Automobile Industry Outsourcing 
        Development Forum
       International Disaster Recovery & Service Outsourcing Summit


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